What’s a blog to do?

James C. Foust’s textbook, Online Journalism, lists six ways blogs can join in journalistic discourse.

Blogs can provide commentary of other news coverage or events. They can filter and edit, guiding readers to certain news story. Blogs can also provide grassroots reporting, covering stories and news events firsthand. My blog serves all three of these functions.

Blogs can also fact-check information previously in the blog or in other media and provide annotative reporting to supplement another news story and open-source reporting and peer review.

I filter and edit every week, I believe, so I’m going to keep that up this week. Check out this article, by the AP, about the response NBC got when they asked viewers for good, upbeat stories.  This is an interesting article, and I think brings up a good point. Yes, we are in the middle of some very depressing, critical times in the world. But, those things don’t consume all of our thoughts, and they aren’t all we want to hear about. People can be positive, so why not the news?

I’m going to use one of the functions I haven’t yet used, also. Fact-checking. And I’m going to start with my own blog. I realized, after critiquing the NPR‘s blog “Picture Show,” that I was incorrect about how often they update the blog. It is not every day, or even every week day. Rather, it skips around and sometimes is updated every day for several days in a row, and sometimes isn’t updated for several days.

The textbook has an accompanying Web site with some great content.


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