The Economy

One of the RSS feeds I subscribe to, Rob Galbraith Digital Photography Insights, posted some very timely photography last week. Timely, at least, for me in this class.  The post featured two galleries of photos focusing on the economy. Both come from the Sacramento Bee, and both focus on events that don’t seem, at least to me, as if they could produce many interesting photographs.

I was, however, surprised.

Searching for a job really emphasizes the enormity of the unemployment crisis. That line…I can’t imagine waiting in a line that long. And just imagine, unemployment is supposed to rise for another year.

I also really liked California’s budget woes. The pictures of the guys sleeping and carrying cots around were important to include. It showed the frustration and hopelessness of the situation. You know, there is no easy solution to this.  For anybody. I think both of these galleries did an awesome job of illustrating that.


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