Soundslides, Take 1

I worked on gathering the audio and pictures for this Soundslides assignment, my first ever, with Abigail Thatcher. She was comfortable working with the recorder, I was confident working with the camera. It worked well.


We decided to try to find a student playing pool at the Syndicate. Our first interviewee was somewhat Spartan in his replies. But we kept talking to people and ended up getting a pretty good interview, and some great pictures.

Once we began putting our separate Soundslides together, I realized our audio was soft. Very soft. With the volume all the way up, I still had to pay close attention to understand everything. I also realized I need to work on my photo captions. I’ve never really had any practice writing captions before.

Despite the quiet audio and my inexperience with photo captions, I think my Soundslides turned out well. I really liked putting the assignment together; I’m already planning out more of these projects in my head.

At the Gates of History was exactly what I would want to see and hear from an inauguration story. Gathered from the back of the crowd, this Soundslides presentation really captured what it felt like for the majority of people who braved the cold to see President Obama sworn in.

Apparently, this journalist had a ticket to get in to the inauguration, but wasn’t able to get through the gates before they were shut. As unfortunate as that is, I think it helped him get a better story.

Though the beginning audio was a little confusing, I like how the journalist got tidbits from several people, but didn’t introduce anyone. Without knowing each person’s name, I felt as if I could have been any one of them. It became an experience I could have had, rather than that individual’s experience.

The journalist did a great job of matching his audio to the action in the photograph, his timing was perfect. This is most evident when Obama is giving his speech and the pictures show people listening on radios and cell phones. Absolutely perfect.

The only thing I think didn’t work here was the garbled audio in the beginning. The first time I listened to it I couldn’t understand any of it; it took a second and third listening to understand it.


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