Picture Show

National Public Radio’s Picture Show is a simple photo blog. The daily pictures and slideshows in a clean, single column setup make the blog compelling. The entries can be over any topic – some introduce a photographer, while others cover street art or a new museum exhibition – but all include photographs. I like that the entries cover a wide range of topics, not necessarily serving one interest, but still have the pictures to serve as a single, common thread between otherwise unrelated entries.

I would like to incorporate photos and photo slideshows in my blog, I think it would greatly add interest. I especially would like to use the slideshows, rather than using a vertical succession of pictures as I’ve seen in other blogs.  The visuals really propel the reader’s eye down the page in the Picture Show, and the accompanying short written entries are all to-the-point and at least mildly interesting.  I think if I were to incorporate picture slideshows in my blog more people might want to read it than just the person who is grading it.

The Picture Show blog is updated daily, for the most part.


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